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Ho`olohe Hou Radio. A 24 hour-a-day Internet radio station featuring the 100-year history of Hawaiian music and the entertainment industry in Hawai`i.

At the heart of the station is innovation. Bill Wynne didn’t invent radio, and he surely didn’t invent Hawaiian music. But he saw Ho`olohe Hou Radio as an opportunity to put the two together in a manner that has never been attempted before. He calls it “Hawaiian Music Edutainment.” Instead of spending so much airtime on commercials, a few minutes each hour on Ho`olohe Hou Radio will be dedicated to educational programming which will help the listener understand the historic and cultural importance of the songs and artists they hear on this unique station. Some of the current educational segments include:

  • This Day in Hawaiian Music History - Brief remembrances of historically significant events sessions, concerts/festivals, births/passings in Hawaiian music

  • Insights and Influences – A look at influential or controversial artists in Hawaiian music and the sources of their new and exciting ideas

  • Mele Minute – An examination of the unique Hawaiian poetic style that is the heart of Hawaiian music

  • In Their Own Words – Excerpts from interviews with legendary performers – many no longer with us

  • Inside the Grooves – Little known facts about some of your favorite Hawaiian recordings and artists

  • Then and Again – A look at the same song recorded at two (or more) different points in time in order to examine the evolution of Hawaiian music

  • Tricks of the Trade – A brief examination of the essential techniques performers utilize which comprise the unique Hawaiian music idiom

  • Waikiki After Dark – An homage to the 1960s radio program Waikiki After Dark in which a different artist is featured in a performance captured live at a venue on O`ahu, Maui, or Kaua`i

Also in weekly rotation are shows focused on each of the unique Hawaiian music traditions such as the `ukulele, the slack key guitar ("Slack Key Sundays"), the steel guitar ("Steel Guitar Saturdays"), and falsetto singing ("Falsetto Fridays").

Finally, Ho`olohe Hou Radio is about memories. Because Hawaiian music is about memories. Wynne is eager to forge an on-going relationship with his listeners and hear the stories of that romance that was sparked when they first heard a song, the venues where they used to spend Saturday nights where these artists performed but which have since seen the fate of the wrecking ball, or that lucky day when they had the rare opportunity to meet your Hawaiian music hero.

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